A6 Framing Guide

We want you to enjoy the experience of shopping for your Violet eyes artwork so don’t stress about framing, with this guide we have you covered!

Framing is an important part of the process of buying art and to help you visualise the differences in frame sizes we have some examples below. We strongly recommend considering mount kits for all Violet Eyes prints to make sure that your artwork appears at its best in larger frame sizes. To top it all off we have done the research for you and have compiled a list of great looking, inexpensive frames  you can buy off the shelf for your art. If you have any questions please feel free to email Ainslie for advice at ainslie@violeteyes.com.au.


Window mounts that come with ready made frames have varying sizes and may cut off edges of your artwork if they are not wide enough, so we have solved the problem with this custom designed Violet Eyes mount kits.

Created to relieve the headache of finding framing options you can simply order this mount kit with your print and then confidently purchase the corresponding size frame and have everything delivered to your door and ready to hang the day it arrives!
Violet Eyes A6 Mount Kits are available to fit the following frame sizes: 
  • 5 x 7 inch
The kit is made up of a white cardboard rectangle with a window cut out that perfectly fits around your A6 artwork. It also comes with a foam core backing piece so you can assemble and place the entire kit inside your new frame and it will look perfect. 
To purchase an A6 mount kit click here or head to the Framing Solutions page to check out the whole range.




A6 Size Frames (no mount required)

DESIGNSTUFF / Moebe Oak Frame A5

DESIGNSTUFF / Moebe Black Frame A5

 5 x 7 inch Frames (use a Violet Eyes 5 x 7 inch mount kit)

OFFICEWORKS / Oak Frame 5 x 7"

OFFICEWORKS / White Frame 5 x 7"

OFFICEWORKS / Copper Frame 5 x 7"

OFFICEWORKS / Beaded Silver Frame 5 x 7"

13 x 18cm Frames (use a Violet Eyes 5 x 7 inch mount kit)

IKEA / Virserum White frame 13 x 18 cm

IKEA / Sondrum White frame 13 x 18 cm

IKEA / Mossebo White frame 13 x 18 cm

IKEA / Mossebo Stained Oak 13 x 18 cm

IKEA / Ribba Black Frame 13 x 18 cm

Spotlight / Timber Frame 13 x 18cm