Created for contemporary children’s interiors and aspiring to cultivate interest and wonder in all things Australian, Violet Eyes was dreamt into being by artist and designer Ainslie Fletcher.
Passionate about creating children’s products that depict the Australian point of view, Violet Eyes looks to our stunning and diverse native animals, plants and landscape as a starting point and then reimagines them in a dreamlike unique way. These creations are steeped in a language of symbolism, abstraction and absurdity favoured by children and the young at heart.

The Violet Eyes artworks are available in two formats:
  • The Posters which are printed on high quality 160gsm paper and supplied in cardboard tubes suitable for mailing. 
  • The Art Prints are printed on matte 260gsm paper using high quality ink. 
Produced locally in Melbourne using digital printing to minimise environmental impact as well as short runs to reduce wastage. All Violet Eyes artworks are originals created by Ainslie Fletcher.



Hi, I’m Ainslie, the artist and designer behind Violet Eyes.....
After over a decade of working as an artist, commercial illustrator and textile designer I felt ready to move in a new direction once I gave birth to my daughter. It took me some time to find this new path after feeling a bit derailed by the sleepless nights and shift in priorities that a new baby brings. As well as bringing some new challenges, motherhood also created new opportunities for me and the growing confidence in myself as a mother helped me to venture into new territory with this business.
I noticed that there weren’t a lot of children’s products around that represented or celebrated Australian flora and fauna and found this odd when we have such a unique and beautiful place to call home. I felt inspired to reimagine our animals and plants in new ways that would appeal to children and parents alike.
"I am constantly revisiting the wonder of the world around us through my daughter every day and this has helped me to reconnect with the simplicity and beauty of nature."
I am thrilled to have a new creative journey ahead of me with Violet Eyes and building it slowly, bit by bit, from the ground up has been immensely rewarding! I should probably also mention that I have a deep love of colour, painting, art, interiors ( oh and yes coffee!) Thanks for visiting and please reach out to me via email if you have any questions to ask or ideas to share – I do love a chat. Sign up to the Violet Eyes newsletter for very sporadic but interesting (I promise) updates and sales.