Poster Framing Guide

We want you to enjoy the experience of shopping for your Violet eyes artwork so don’t stress about framing, with this guide we have you covered!

Framing is an important part of the process of buying art and to help you visualise the differences in frame sizes and understand how the poster hangers look we have some examples below.

To top it all off we have done the research for you and have compiled a list of great looking, inexpensive frames you can buy off the shelf in addition to our range of poster hangers and hooks. If you have any questions please feel free to email Ainslie for advice at



 Check out the Violet eyes custom range of poster hangers and wall hooks!

  • Our beautiful custom designed plywood hangers magnetically hold your poster at the top and bottom.
  • They are hand painted in colours to perfectly compliment Violet Eyes artworks.
  • A great way to get your posters on the wall as soon as they arrive.
  • Available in two profiles : scallop edge and straight.
  • There are 8 colours to choose from.

You may also like to combine your hanger with our new No Drill Wall Hooks using removable 3M adhesive strips.

  • These wall hooks can support the weight of a Violet Eyes Poster and hanger.
  • Just peel and stick on the wall and your poster can be hung up straight away!
  • Its the ultimate solution for renters and busy people who don't have time to get the tools out.
  • When its time to move your furniture around or mix things up you can reposition the hook easily too.

To check out the range of Poster Hangers and Wall Hooks now click here.



Poster Frames (50 x 70cm) * Please note Violet Eyes posters are 49cm wide. You may need to use a window mount in some of these frames.

Designstuff / Slimline Brass Frame 50 x 70cm 
Designstuff / Slimline Copper Frame 50 x 70cm 
IKEA / Mossebo Oak Poster Frame 50 x 70cm   (does not require window mount)
IKEA / Fiskbo White poster Frame 50 x 70cm 
IKEA / Virserum White poster Frame 50 x 70cm 
IKEA / Marietorp Black poster frame 50 x 70cm 
IKEA / RIBBA White Frame poster 50 x 70cm