Lilac Rose Peony Wall Decals - Removable

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This beautiful hand painted rose and leaf decal set is printed on a light polyester fabric with a powdery, matte finish and adhesive backing. 


The full set includes:

6 large and medium flowers

4 blossoms on a stem

4 rosebuds

8 leaf sprigs


They are removable – meaning they will come off your wall without causing damage to the paint or surface. This is because the glue on the decals is more like a gum that doesn’t change or harden over time.

The flowers come as separate pieces so you can arrange them on your wall however you like.

This amazing product will suit all wall types; plasterboard, brick, concrete and even rendered.

The adhesive and colour is long-lasting and will stay on your walls for as long as you desire. This perfect combination of quality and flexibility makes them perfect for styling rental properties, nurseries, kid’s rooms, home offices and living spaces.

The matte finish makes them incredibly easy to photograph and will make any wall instagram worthy in minutes !

Tip: Keep the backing paper and they can be moved to another wall, room or home. If you lose your backing paper you can temporarily stick them to another wall or door - just keep them vertical.

Please note : please allow between 8-  14 days for printing  and delivery. 

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