Hanging Solutions / Frame Mount Kit

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Created to relieve the headache of finding framing options you can simply order this mount kit with your print and then confidently purchase the corresponding photographic size frame and have everything delivered to your door and ready to hang the day it arrives.

These kits contains a foam core backing board and window mount that together can be used to fit Violet Eyes prints within standard photographic frame dimensions.

We have the following sizes:

16 x 20" kit for A3 artwork.

12 x 16" kit for A4 artwork.

6 x 8" kit for 10 x 15cm artwork

Window mounts that come with ready made frames have varying sizes and may cut off edges of your artwork if they are not wide enough, that is why we have solved the problem with this custom designed mount kit. The windows have been cut to specifically complement Violet Eyes artworks in the above sizes.